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Charter My Boat

Back Office Solution for Charter Boat Tour Operators

Charter My Boat is a new online resource designed to assist charter boat operators to manage their back-office operations.

CMB is not just another booking platform, event manager, or accounting system.  CMB is a full-featured operation management system.

  • Fleet Management
    • Maintenance Schedules
    • Tour/Departure Schedules
    • Crew Assignments
  •  Tour Management
    • Centralized Tour Planning
    • Integration with External Booking Systems
    • Integration with OTAs
  • Resource Planning
  • Event Calendar
  • Income/Expenses

…and more!

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Fleet Management

Whether you have one boat or twenty, CMB provides the tools you need to properly track and manage your fleet.

  • Enter the basic details of each boat in your fleet. Record basic descriptive details such as Name, Registration Number, Port of Registry, Passenger Capacity, Number/Type of Engines, etc.
  • Define your maintenance schedule such as regular engine services, cleaning, overhaul, bottom cleaning, etc. 
  • Schedule availability – put your boat(s) in or out of service for a given date or range of dates. Tour/Trip availability is updated accordingly.

Tour Management

Plan your Tours and package them for publishing on various sales Channels. Allocate resources and prepare departure schedules.  

  • PLAN: Define the basic itinerary and describe the features of your Tour. Add features such as Inclusions, Exclusions, What to Bring, What You’ll See, Activities.
  • SCHEDULE: Define departure schedules, allocate boats, tour operating days, and departure times. Allocate crew assignments by role (Captain, Crew, Deck Hand, Fishing Guide, etc), and resources (Fuel, Food & Beverage, Sports Equipment, etc). 
  • PUBLISH: Integrate with external booking agents, OTAs, or your own website and publish your tours and schedules.

Resource Management

Plan, assign, track and monitor all of the resources your Tours require to deliver a quality experience to your guests. Costs Management is an essential part of keeping your business profitable. Our Resource Management module is an invaluable tool in planning and budgeting to keep your bottom line healthy.

  • CREW: Allocate Employees to Crew Roles assigned to a Tour. CMB includes an Employee Portal with an Event Calendar and Timesheet system to allow your crew to record their activity.    
  • CONSUMABLES: Record the set of consumable resources required for your tours, (e.g. fuel, food, and beverage, garbage bags, ice, etc.). Record suppliers, cost prices and markup rates (if applicable). Actual consumption and expense are all record for accounting purposes. 
  • SPORTS EQUIPMENT: Beach Toys, Fishing gear and tackle, Diving Gear, etc. Record costs and suppliers, track stock and re-order limits.


CMB integrates with your booking/reservation software and third-party OTAs to consolidate incoming reservations into a centralized source of truth. 

  • PLAN: Receive a feed of new and updated bookings from various external/internal sources.
  • SCHEDULE: Maintain real-time availability (where possible) by updating external sources from your central repository.
  • MONITOR: Track check-ins, cancellations, or re-schedule trips. Record guest experiences and/or schedule follow-up feedback requests.


CMB has a rich reporting platform to give you the tools to properly monitor your business’s financial progress.

  • Records the key metrics you need to feed to your accounting system using popular export formats.
  • REVENUE: Reports the total revenue received for each trip.
  • OPERATING EXPENSES: Resource, Crew Costs plus fees, taxes, and commissions per trip.
  • FIXED COSTS: Annual overheads such as Insurance, Rents, Regulatory, Maintenance, etc. These costs are broken down by variable period (annual, monthly, etc) and allocated proportionally to each tour.
  • NET INCOME: Revenue after costs and expenses are deducted  
  • Export to popular apps such as Excel, Quickbooks or generic output such as CSV.